Maybe a little not-so-sane..>:3

Jan 20

Cleverbot. Oh how I love thee!

  • CleverBot: What is your favorite food?
  • Me: Asian.
  • CleverBot: What is your favorite food?
  • Me: Asian
  • CleverBot: What is your favorite food?
  • Me: ASIAN
  • CleverBot: what is your LEAST favortie food?
  • Me: hotdogs
  • Cleverbot: with katchup?
  • Me: no , i dont like hotdogs.
  • CleverBot: you want the corn to go with that?
  • Me: Depends , would you like fries with that.
  • CleverBot: So J , how did you get your nickname? (i don't know where she got that from?)
  • Me: because i rescued a flying octopus while holding a golden spatula.
  • CleverBot: So you're not leagaly considered a human?
  • Me: yeah , i guess you could consider me a dragon.
  • CleverBot: Do you like anime or manga?
  • me: yes , I like hetalia ...and other things too but hetalia is one of my favorites.
  • Cleverbot: but I don't like Justin Beiber's music.
  • me: Nobody likes Justin Beiber's music
  • CleverBot: No they don't! ( :D ) I think he sings like a girl. What do you think?
  • me: I think he's gay as hell.
  • CleverBot: one could possibly enjoy his singing.
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